What We Do


Auza Background

Wet Utilities

Auza Contracting has completed numerous water and sewer line installations and repairs over the last ten years. Our professional staff can complete projects from minor water main and sewer repairs to installation of water and sewer mains over 2 miles long. We have the expertise to complete the following types of wet utility services: Water Lines up to 24 inch diameter, Fire Hydrant Installation, Water Service Tie-in, Air Relief and Pressure Relief Valves Installation.

Dry Utilities

We offer a complete package of trench, conduit, and backfill services according to the standards and specifications of utility customers such as APS, SRP, Qwest, and CATV. We also install communication, interduct, and fiber and are experienced with installations in all types of soils for both commercial and residential developers.

Manhole and Sewer

We provide full sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation. As an authorized Nukote coating systems installer we can extend the life of existing manholes and guarantee the work for up to 10 years. Our sewer camera truck and equipment can provide inspection services for any size lines.

Utility Locating

Auza Contracting has a fleet of five (5) vacuum excavation trucks for all your utility locating and soft dig excavation needs.

Shotcrete Services

Additional Services



Auza also performs Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP). As your contractor, we will put a plan into place that will control non-allowable pollutant discharges from water ways and sewer systems. Some of the Best Management Practices (BMP) we use include: Silt Fence, Storm Drain Inlet Protection, Check Dams, Straw Wattles, Fiber Rolls, Turf Reinforcement Mats, Rip-Rap, Temporary and Permanent Seeding, Street Sweeping, Track Out Rock and Dust Control.


We also provide shotcrete services for most heavy civil projects requiring channel relining or new installation of drainage facilities and slope protection. We have worked on projects requiring up to 15,000 SY of coverage.