12” Water Main Extension – Sarival Rd to Luke AFB CMAR

Construction Date:  Sep 2017 – Nov 2017

Contracting Investor: EPCOR

As the Construction Manager at Risk, Auza Contracting installed over 2.4 miles of 12” waterline to provide EPCOR water to Luke AFB’s water distribution system.  This project was completed in 12 weeks.  The work included installation of multiple fire hydrants, air relief valves, blowoffs, and extensive asphalt removal and replacement.


Construction Date: May 2018 – Oct 2018

Contracting Investor: Newland Communities

As a prime contractor, Auza Contracting is installing the backbone wet utility infrastructure for a community development that will deliver over 1,200 new housing units. The work includes installation of over 22,000’ of potable and non potable waterlines ranging from 4” to 16”, as well as over 2,600’ of gravity and force main sewer, and over 3,500’ of reinforced concrete storm drain pipe up to 48” in diameter.

City of Glendale Water Valve and Fire Hydrant Replacement

Construction Date: Dec 2017 – Dec 2020

Contracting Investor:  City of Glendale

Auza Contracting has a multiyear contract with the City of Glendale to replace water valves and fire hydrants to upgrade and maintain the city’s water infrastructure.

Zanjero Trails

Construction Date: Nov 2016 – Feb 2017

Owner: EPCOR

As a prime contractor Auza Contracting installed over 15,000’ of 6” to 16” waterlines for a new water transmission main to accommodate property development along Perryville Rd in Surprise. The work included installation of multiple fire hydrants, air relief valves, blowoffs, and a jack n bore underneath an existing MWD canal.

Avenida Rio Salado/Broadway Rd CMAR

Construction Date: Jun 2014 – Jun 2016

Owner: City of Phoenix

As a subcontractor to Kiewit Infrastructure West, Auza Contracting performed 19 waterline vertical realignments (6” – 24”), 42 fire hydrant relocations, 86 water service and backflow preventer relocations, 52 water valve relocations, 2 fire department connection relocations, and relocated over 400’ of sanitary sewer lines to allow for the expanded Right of Way and improvements on Broadway Rd.

Raw Water Pump Station and Pipeline UHWTP to CCWRP

Construction Date: Jan 2016 – Jul 2016

Owner: City of Phoenix

As a subcontractor to Kiewit Infrastructure West, Auza Contracting trenched, fused, and installed over 3,200’ of 24” HDPE pipe between the Union Hills Water Treatment Plant and the Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant.

Coyote Lakes Waterline Replacement Phase I

Construction Date: Dec 2015 – Jul 2016

Owner: EPCOR

As the prime contractor, Auza Contracting replaced over 8,000’ of 8”, 6”, and 4” waterlines which service 160 homes in a large housing community in Surprise, AZ. The project included installation of 27 water valves, 2 fire hydrants, and 160 water service installations with over 2,000’ of water service lines from water main to meter. Detailed planning and scheduling were required to ensure minimal service disruption to residents while replacing the aging lines. Auza Contracting also removed and replaced over 3,900 SY of asphalt and seal coated over 27,000 SY of roadway during the project.

US 60 & Bell Rd Interchange Reconstruction

Construction Date: Apr 2016 – Jul 2016

Owner: ADOT

As a subcontractor to Coffman Specialties, Auza Contracting realigned over 1400’ of 12”, 10”, and 8” water and sewer lines, installed 3 sanitary sewer manholes, relocated 6 fire hydrants, and relocated 16 water services and backflow preventers to provide clearance for a new bridge over US 60 on Bell Rd in Surprise, AZ.

111th Ave Lift Station Forcemain Replacement

Construction Date: Dec 2015 – Apr 2016

Owner: EPCOR

As the prime contractor, Auza Contracting installed over 1,800’ of 6” force main sewer line along a major arterial street to replace an aging existing sewer line in Sun City, AZ. The project included the installation of numerous sewer plug valves, manhole installation, and asphalt, as well as sidewalk, curb, and valley gutters.

Wickenburg Airport Mid-Field Apron Construction

Construction Date: Aug 2015 – Nov 2015

Owner: Town of Wickenburg

As a subcontractor to Grey Mountain Construction, Auza Contracting installed over 2,200’ of 8” waterlines, 1,800’ of 8” and 2” sewer lines, 750’ of 42” and 24” Storm Drain pipe as well as numerous 3 relief valves, 4 fire hydrants, 9 water valves, and 3 sewer manholes. Auza Contracting also installed over 1,000 SY of shotcrete to complete a drainage channel as part of the project.

Granite Vista Off-Site Water Transmission Main

Construction Date: Jun 2015 – Jan 2016

Owner: EPCOR

As a prime contractor, Auza Contracting installed over 10,000’ of 16” water main along a major arterial road in Surprise, AZ to provide water services for a new housing development. The work included 2 vertical realignments, jack and bore installation under an existing MWD canal, installation of 5 valves, 3 hydrants, 7 water services, 3 concrete encasements, and over 200 SY of asphalt removal and replacement.